Lab Waste Disposal

Laboratory Waste Disposal

Navigating the complexities of lab waste disposal is a shared challenge among businesses that work with hazardous materials. It is made even more complex as a result of strict lab waste disposal regulations. If your lab works with radioactive waste, for example, you’ll need to consult an expert in waste segregation to dispose of these hazardous materials properly.

When it comes to lab regulated waste disposal, Wattbar Industries is your trusted partner. As the experts in compliant and comprehensive chemical waste disposal methods, allow our team to properly dispose of your lab’s regulated waste.

How to Dispose of Chemical Waste in a Lab?

Chemical waste disposal requires support from an industry expert like Wattbar. When you partner with our team for lab waste disposal services, we will ensure all chemicals are packed properly to prevent dangerous reactions that could damage your facility or injure your staff.  Our team will also offer guidance on the right waste containers and how to set up smart waste segregation practices and procedures to protect your facility, your staff, and your community. 

Once the chemicals are properly identified, labeled, segregated, and packed, we will transport them to an appropriate disposal facility while following all pertinent lab waste disposal regulations. We provide all the required paperwork you need and are happy to offer compliance training to your staff to ensure you comply with all federal, state, and local regulations.

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Biological, Chemical, and Radioactive Laboratory Waste Disposal Methods

The EPA has complex regulations in place for handling and disposing of lab waste. These regulations are necessary to protect the environment, but they can also be complicated, and in some cases, may even seem to contradict one another. To ensure your business stays compliant, our team provides support from start to finish with the proper chemical waste disposal methods, handling procedures, and practices.

We’re here to help you implement safe solutions for the disposal of unwanted or unused chemicals, so you can get back to focusing on what matters most – your business. Our team offers chemical lab waste disposal services that include appropriate waste segregation, packaging, pickup, transportation, and disposal at an EPA-approved facility. We also offer custom packaging solutions, if required, for your specific needs.

If you have a lab pack or lab waste that needs to be disposed of, our team is ready to help you find the correct method of disposal. 

Why Choose Wattbar?

When you choose Wattbar Industries for lab waste disposal services, you benefit from our extensive expertise in handling such regulations. Our dedicated team goes beyond pickups, providing tailored solutions to your facility. We prioritize safety and environmental ethics, delivering excellent service from the start. 

Our team offers personalized assistance to address all your questions before ordering our lab pack chemical waste disposal service. From secure packaging to regulatory documentation and transportation to permitted facilities, we handle it all seamlessly. With a range of disposal options available for labs and facilities of any size, exceptional service is guaranteed. 

We collect chemical, biological, radioactive, and hazardous materials from laboratories, medical centers, and manufacturing facilities nationwide, disposing of them in full compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations governed by the EPA and other agencies. For reliable chemical waste disposal, contact Wattbar Industries today.

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If you have lab pack | lab waste, our team is ready to help you find the correct method of disposal. Our national services can help you with a single facility or multiple facilities across the country. Contact us for a quote today!

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Lab Pack | Lab Waste Disposal

We’ll work with you one on one to make sure all your questions are answered before placing an order with our lab pack chemical disposal service. When it comes time for your lab pack service, we’ll handle everything from packaging the chemicals into secure containers, preparing all required documentation, and transporting the wastes to a permitted facility. We offer a variety of disposal options for any size lab or facility.

We pick up any kind of chemical or hazardous material nationally from laboratories, medical centers, and manufacturing facilities. We dispose of all wastes in accordance with federal/state environmental regulations set forth by the EPA and state agencies. If your lab or facility needs chemical disposal, please call us at 855-WATTBAR.

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