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Navigating the complexities of lab waste disposal is a shared challenge among businesses that work with hazardous materials. It is made even more complex as a result of strict lab waste disposal regulations. If your lab works with radioactive waste, for example, you’ll need to consult an expert in waste segregation to dispose of these hazardous materials properly.

When it comes to lab regulated waste disposal, Wattbar Industries is your trusted partner. As the experts in compliant and comprehensive chemical waste disposal methods, allow our team to properly dispose of your lab’s regulated waste.

Sustainable Fuel Management From a Leading Gasoline Disposal Company

Storing old gasoline on your facility’s property is far more than a nuisance. It can put your business, your employees, and your customers at risk of fire, explosions, spills, and chemical exposure. Let the experts at Wattbar help you properly manage and dispose of your used and excess gasoline.

We understand that gasoline recovery and other waste-related problems need to be tended to and resolved quickly and efficiently. However, it is also extremely important to implement eco-friendly fuel disposal practices to reduce environmental impact and comply with federal, state, and local (remove legal) regulations. 

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Proper Gasoline Waste Disposal

Wattbar’s experienced team can quickly and efficiently take the headache out of your gasoline disposal or storage needs. Our waste fuel collection services are tailored to a variety of industries and businesses. So whatever your gasoline disposal needs are, rest assured our team can provide comprehensive waste fuel management services. With our expert knowledge, quality equipment, and superior support, we will keep your business in full compliance with all relevant EHS and gasoline disposal regulations.

In addition to our petroleum product disposal services, we will assess your used or old gasoline for our recycling program. Recycling is not only the most eco-friendly fuel disposal method available, but it can help lower your costs and eliminate designating your waste as a RCRA hazardous waste.

At Wattbar, we use the inherent value of the gasoline recycling process to help offset your final disposal costs. In addition to saving you money, gasoline recycling eliminates the time, stress, and hassle of filing official hazardous waste disposal paperwork and reporting to both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at the federal level and various hazardous waste agencies at the state level.

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