Sustainable Waste Management Services

Complete waste management

It is important to make sure that your regulated waste materials are recycled or disposed of properly.  In an environmentally conscious world, our national solutions will help you find the right solution to all your waste and environmental needs!  We will assist you through the entire process which includes completing all required approvals, labels, and shipping paperwork.  Wattbar will also help you with completing your annual hazardous waste reports if required.  You have a lot to do, let us help with your regulated wastes.  

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Why Wattbar?

Wattbar Industries is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable personnel who are driven to find solutions, both economical and service related, for our customers’ environmental needs. With 80+ years of experience, Wattbar is able to utilize that experience and years-long relationships to assist customers in all aspects of the environmental arena.

Our Capabilities:

  • Transportation & Disposal of Containerized Wastes (both hazardous/non-hazardous)
  • Transportation & Disposal of bulk hazardous and non-hazardous wastes (liquids and solids) – including roll off, dump trailer, and vacuum tanker
  • Facility maintenance including tank cleaning, trench work, hazardous dust removal, and demolition
  • Lab pack services
  • Cylinder management/disposal
  • Unknown container determination
  • PCB management/disposal
  • Field Services – remediation, drum removal, lagoon/containment pond cleaning, soil management, frac tank cleaning
  • Universal Waste management
  • Environmental, Safety, DOT, RCRA Compliance Training
  • Aid in completion/submittal of reporting requirements
  • Air and Water Permitting
  • Environmental Audits
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Wattbar has the ability to be anywhere at any time our customers require. Wattbar is not hampered by facility, equipment, or fleet restrictions. On the contrary, Wattbar has developed relationships with over 2,000 (and growing) environmental and transportational affiliates throughout the US. These relationships allow Wattbar to tap into an endless supply of environmental solutions.

Wattbar Industries