Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup

Site cleanup and decontamination

Wattbar Industries offers complete industrial waste management services, including hazardous waste containment and removal. Our hazardous waste disposal methods ensure your business stays compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations. Learn more about how your company can benefit from our hazardous waste containment and removal services here.

Contaminated Site Remediation Services From an Industry Expert

From chemical spill response to hazardous materials cleanup services, Wattbar provides comprehensive and compliant toxic waste removal solutions. As trusted industry experts, we know multiple factors – including manufacturing processes, accidental chemical releases, and poor disposal procedures – can be the source of hazardous or toxic waste contamination. Remediating a polluted area translates to resolving any issues caused by waste contamination, making the site safe and habitable again, and preventing any future contamination.

If you need environmental remediation or emergency cleanup, our team of experienced professionals will be able to assist you with comprehensive decontamination services. From Phase I and Phase II evaluations to site cleanup, we’ll support you through the entire process.

Decontamination and Remediation Phases

A Phase I evaluation, also known as an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), is the first step in determining whether or not a property has been contaminated. It’s a common procedure before major investments like buying, financing, or renovating a property. Phase I assessments are conducted to determine whether there are any known or suspected environmental risks at the site. The essential components of a Phase I ESA include a site visit and visual inspection, a historical records review, a regulatory agency review, interviews with stakeholders, site reconnaissance, a documentation review, and preparation of a Phase I report.

When possible pollution is suspected or found during a Phase I examination, the next step is a Phase II evaluation, also known as a Phase II ESA. More in-depth research needs to be conducted to validate the existence, amount, and type of contamination at a specific building or site. The main components of a Phase II ESA include the development of a sampling plan, sample collection, laboratory analysis of samples, data evaluation and interpretation, risk assessment, and the preparation of a Phase II report.

Phase II assessments are conducted to better inform cleanup efforts by providing a more precise and comprehensive knowledge of the waste at hand. Additional sampling, remediation planning, or risk management measures may be suggested based on the results of the Phase II assessment.

Comprehensive Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal Services

Wattbar Industries will provide complete waste containment and removal services for a site or building. Our emergency cleanup services include chemical spill response and hazardous waste disposal, so even in pressing or critical cases, you can remediate an area quickly. Our national network of disposal facilities allows us to keep costs low.

Following all applicable local, state, and federal laws is essential for the secure management of hazardous waste from collection to final disposal. We’re experts in hazardous waste management and have the training and experience to handle these materials safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations. Contact Wattbar to get a free quote.

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