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Hand Sanitizer Disposal and Recycling Services

Businesses worldwide rushed to secure hand sanitizer supplies when faced with a global health crisis, prioritizing hygiene and safety. However, as time has passed, the focus has shifted, leaving many individuals and organizations wondering how to handle an excess of expired alcohol-based sanitizers. In light of current environmental concerns, companies need to understand that hand sanitizer is considered hazardous waste and should not be casually discarded. Adhering to proper sanitizer waste management and disposal regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is essential to stay compliant with EHS regulations and minimize public safety risks.

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Why You Need to Partner With a Comprehensive Hand Sanitizer Waste Disposal Company 

Sanitizer is considered RCRA ignitable hazardous waste. Simply put, it doesn’t take much heat to ignite. Safe hand sanitizer disposal protocols help keep businesses (and the public) safe from the negative effects of improper disposal methods. Sanitizers must be recycled or disposed of in ways that are both compliant and environmentally friendly. 

Hand sanitizer is made up of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, which degrade over time making the product less effective. When your sanitizer expires, trust Wattbar Industries to assist in finding you the most economical solution for your hand sanitizer recycling or disposal needs. Whether you have just a few gallons or a much larger supply, we’re here to provide you with the hand sanitizer recycling or waste disposal services you need, while maintaining compliance with all EPA regulations.

Wattbar’s Disposal Services for Hand Sanitizer

Since sanitizer is considered hazardous waste due to its flammability, there is no simple way to dispose of the substance. If not recycled through an approved method, you must store, transport, and dispose of your expired or unwanted hand sanitizer as a RCRA Hazardous waste.

But what is the proper hand sanitizer disposal protocol? Safe and eco-friendly hand sanitizer disposal requires following EPA guidelines and reporting requirements and could require a change in your waste generator status. Wattbar Industries offers recycling options that are approved in each state that help you eliminate the need to manage your hand sanitizer as a hazardous waste, thus eliminating your reporting requirements and having to alter your generator status. 

What to Do Before Your Hand Sanitizer Waste Collection

It’s important to store your expired or otherwise unusable sanitizer safely. According to the EPA’s hand sanitizer waste disposal guidelines, your company can store it as a commercial chemical product up to the point of removal. You won’t need to get an RCRA storage permit, nor will your storage area be subject to RCRA hand sanitizer waste disposal regulations. You will, however, need to submit proof that you are pursuing proper disposal/recycling options and are storing the expired hand sanitizer for a viable reason. Simply stockpiling the sanitizer can create an unnecessary fire hazard and can raise scrutiny by inspectors.

Trust in an Experienced Hand Sanitizer Waste Disposal Company

At Wattbar Industries, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in the handling,  transporting, disposing, and recycling of hazardous materials. Our eco-friendly hand sanitizer waste removal services can simplify your hazardous waste disposal process. If you or your company find yourself with an excess of expired or unwanted hand sanitizer, contact us and let our team take care of your hand sanitizer recycling or disposal safely and securely.

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At Wattbar industries, we pride ourselves in our knowledge and expertise in the handling and transporting as well as disposing and recycling of hazardous materials. If you or your company find yourselves with an excess of expired or unwanted hand sanitizer, call us today and let us help you take care of your hand sanitizer disposal safely and properly.

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