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Don’t let the growth of your company or the need to hire a certified EHS employee slow you down. Contact Wattbar today to quickly find and hire qualified safety professionals to keep you compliant. Wattbar’s large network of professionals and safety specialists are at your disposal and ready to work with you on-demand. Connect with us today and gain access to our nationwide group of certified Environmental, Health and Safety personnel who can help meet any of your requirements!

Whether it’s construction, manufacturing, insurance, energy, logistics, or any other industry needing temporary to full-time EHS staff, Wattbar Industries can provide you with the experts you need.

Our environmental health and safety vetting process includes:

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Wattbar goes to great lengths in the hiring process before letting any new professional into the field. We conduct thorough interviews and make sure that all candidates know everything about us, our policies/procedures, and are fully up to date on all codes and certificates needed for your specific job.

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All our professionals are required to provide copies of all certifications, as well as proof of their education, experience, and any other skills that are relevant to your safety job.

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Background check

Wattbar has a rigorous background check process to ensure the professional they've matched you with is not only qualified for the project, but also the best possible fit to complete your job efficiently and properly.

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Every project is completed with feedback and ratings from both the company, as well as the professional. This provides additional validation of skills and insight into your hire that you can't get anywhere else.

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With our ability to fill any EHS job position nationwide, whether virtual or on-site, full or part-time, Wattbar Industries is your first and last stop toward hiring the right employee to get the work done correctly and safely. Contact Wattbar today to see how we can help keep your job moving forward.

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